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Cargo partner

Since the truck is to be seen as an irreplaceable part of each transport chain, cargo-partner offers a wide range of services using this means of transport.


FIEGE Austria GmbH was founded in 1997 and is a member of the Fiege Group, headquartered in Greven, Germany.


We carry out your relocation quickly and smoothly.Being the market leader in business relocations, we focus without compromise on the wishes and needs of our customers. 


The GARTNER group with its headquarters in Lambach/Upper Austria as well as branches, subsidiaries and affiliated enterprises in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, France Belgium, Greece and the Czeck Republic, is the leading transport company in Austria. The enterprise was established over 80 years ago and is 100% family owned.


GW looks back on a history of more than half a millennium. We understand this heritage as an obligation to operate farsighted, observantly and to continue to develop with the changing world. 

Jerich Logistics

Our policies are built on synergies. Under synergies, we understand the execution of projects in taking into account the benefits of those similarities for our customers.


The company was founded by Josef König in 1898. Approximately a dozen teams of horses transported cargoes, primarily beer from the company´s own beer storehouse, as well as sand and bricks.


Our company is based in the north region of Lower Austria, also called "Waldviertel" in the country of Gmünd. We transport your goods to every region in Europe and after consulting us we even transport outer Europe. 


TGW Logistics Group is a worldwide leading supplier of highly dynamic automated logistics 
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